Makin' People Schmile


If you love Alpenfest and Alpenfest Tours, please share your experiences.

Quotes We found Alpenfest while we lived in Houston, have all their tapes and CD's-great music! Very excited they have put out two more CD's-those of us who cannot be there in person can enjoy it at anytime! Many thanks. Quotes
Nita Zimmerman
Satisfied Oma

Quotes I haven't been on a tour with you, but in my heart I have :) I first saw you in Minnesota at Heritage Fest in New Ulm. Must have been 1989 or 90. I was so totally taken by the music and the talented musicians I came back for every performance that weekend and left my partner to take care of our craft booth. I have played your music over and over all these years. It reaches right into the depths of my being. It's so good to know you are still making people schmile. A group that can stay together all these years and still totally love what they are doing is amazing. Maybe I'll make it to Texas to see you. Keep making people happy. A Norwegian from Minnesota :o) Quotes
patricia otten
huge fan

Quotes I have been on 10 of the Alpenfest tours. They are always enjoyable. I enjoy seeing the smaller villages as well as some larger cities. Music every night by the Alpenfest band can't be beat. I'm hoping to go on the next tour Alpenfest conducts. Quotes
Carl Henderson
Fan, Tour Travler

Quotes Nothing makes you smile like watching your kids do the Chicken Dance! Quotes
Happy Mom

Quotes I have played these CDs at least twice since receiving them. Some of the songs are so beautiful that they moved me to tears. Thank you for such wonderful music. Quotes
K Fontana
Alpenfest Fan

Quotes This was our third trip with Alpenfest and we are looking forward to the fourth. Is was two fun filled weeks, and again the fun never stopped!! Beautiful scenery, great music, wonderful people!. Quotes
Jim & Millie

Quotes The Grand Tour was exceptional! Even though we had traveled to most of the places we visited in Austria and Germany, every day felt special because of the way the trip was conducted by Mike, Angelica and Hansi. Each person on the tour made extra effort to be on time, to enjoy each day and to pay attention to the other's needs. It was a very congenial group with a common interest in Alpenfest Music. We enjoyed the diversity of ages in the group, as well as the different experiences that each person brought to this tour. We would like to commend you for a well run, fun and educational tour. The expectations of everyone should have been more than satisfied. It was money well spend on our part. Quotes
Pete & June
The Grand Tour

Quotes 2013 Austria & Beyond tour was FANTASTIC! Great trip, great weather, great PEOPLE!!! Sure was fun! Quotes
Randy Adams
Alpenfest Band Member

Quotes This was the most fun tour we've ever traveled: a congenial group, beautiful scenery, marvelous entertainment, lots of activities (yet time for naps) and a fabulous host. Quotes
Joe & Gloria

Quotes It was another excellent trip! A once in a lifetime event. The hotel was great and the scenery I Switzerland breathtaking. Though Switzerland was probably our favorite part, the cruise was great too. We enjoyed the wine tasting tower. Our hosts were very gracious. The side trips we took from the ship were all interesting. Quotes
Billy and Virginia
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