Makin' People Schmile

Alpenfest's origins date back to 1970 in a Dickinson, TX German Restaurant named Hofbräugarten.  With thousands of hours of performance since our inception, Alpenfest is well known throughout Texas.  Alpenfest continues to be the busiest German band in Texas. Alpenfest performs  in Houston and at festivals around the United States, Germany, and Austria.

Alpenfest is much more than an oompah band. Our specialty includes German, Austrian, Czech, Swiss and Irish folk music, as well as some contemporary, country and comedy acts to fill in our repertoire.   With as few as two musicians or as many as seven, the versatility of Alpenfest's musicians creates the sound of a much larger group. With years of professional performance experience, you know there will always be quality and family entertainment.

Our instrument specialties include Swiss alphorns, a tuned set of Austrian cowbells, Holzanes G'Lächter (German xylophone), tuned musical hand saws, and yodeling.


The Swiss alphorn is rare in the U.S. It was originally used as a means of communication before the telegraph, telephone, or television. Hand carved from mountain pine trees, it takes about a month to create each alphorn.


Shepherds have used cowbells for folk music for centuries. We have a set of cowbells mounted on a brace that we play as a xylophone. This is a new twist to an old folk art.


The Holzanes G'Lächter (wooden laughter) is a member of the xylophone family. This instrument can be found only in Austria and southern Germany


Besides these unique instruments, you can see the accordion, tuba, and all the other essentials that sound as authentic as if you were in the Alps.


Our favorite instrument is YOU.  Audience participation is an important part of our show with singing, dancing and schunkelnd (swaying back and forth) with the music.  The "Chicken Dance" and other novelty songs are always popular.

Alpenfest Tours began in the summer of 1990 to further expand the German experience. Taking friends, family and fans to the Alps and the Rhine for summer tours has become an annual event. During the day, we see the beautiful sights and sound of Europe and during the evening we have live entertainment by Alpenfest.